Put success in your succession.

Every business owner – particularly family business owners – must ask themselves one important question:  “What happens next?”  A strong succession plan will address that question head-on, and we can help guide you through the process of:

  • Allocating ownership, selecting family members and/or key employees to lead your business, and/or preparing your business for a merger or sale
  • Resolving potential family or minority shareholder disputes
  • Developing buy-sell, shareholder, and non-compete agreements
  • Using deferred compensation agreements and employment agreements to retain key employees
  • Identifying potential buyers for a business sale, negotiating the terms and assisting with financing
  • Complying with franchise or distribution agreements and other requirements
  • Ensuring an income stream during retirement
  • Structuring succession to maximize value and minimize taxes for your estate and heirs

At Bickers Consulting Group, we excel in helping family business owners formulate succession plans that enable them to leave their companies when they choose, to the successors they want, and with the money they need. To achieve these goals, we engage your family members to promote family harmony, and we proactively coordinate the activities of your attorney, accountant, banker and other close professional advisors to realize the full value of your plan and to ensure the transfer of ownership goes smoothly.

You achieve your business succession goals, and the business you’ve worked hard to build becomes a lasting legacy.