Achieve family harmony and shareholder success.

Business owners and their families are seldom of one mind about what should happen with the family business and assets. Disagreements can drive emotions high, complicating decisions about the family’s wealth and impeding business success.

At Bickers Consulting Group, we understand that addressing these differences is a key component to developing estate and business succession plans that achieve everyone’s best wishes. Unlike advisors who focus merely on the technical aspects of a plan, we address all familial issues involved and guide discussions to resolve them with less frustration and no litigation.

As a result, you can count on us to successfully negotiate potentially difficult issues such as:

  • Providing for the death or disability of a family shareholder while best serving the business and complying with franchise and/or distribution agreements
  • Resolving minority shareholder disputes, such as when one shareholder wants to sell the business but another does not, or when a divorce settlement affects ownership
  • Making decisions about business strategy and operations, including loans, acquisitions, distributions and staffing
  • Negotiating shareholder buy-outs, including determining price and structuring the sale 

Our extensive experience in negotiation and conflict resolution can help you overcome differences, develop plans and make decisions that are best for you, your family and your company.