Pursue your goals while remaining supplier agreement compliant.

Beverage wholesalers are subject to supplier distribution agreements that impose restrictions pertaining to changes in ownership or control, as well as to estate plans and business succession plans. Failure to comply with the notification and approval requirements of these agreements can result in costly changes and possible termination of distribution rights.

Bickers Consulting Group’s longstanding work with beverage wholesalers, especially in the beer industry, has given us deep knowledge of supplier agreement requirements and how to meet them as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our strong personal relationships with suppliers and their representatives enable us to guide clients through:

  • Understanding the effects of supplier agreements on their estate, business succession, and merger or acquisition plans
  • Preparing information packets regarding historical and projected financial performance, especially when a merger or acquisition is involved
  • Reviewing financing documents to maintain compliance with supplier agreements
  • Developing and packaging a plan and working with suppliers and their legal counsel to facilitate rapid approval

You should never be faced with learning that your plan doesn’t comply with your supplier agreement, forcing you to make high-priced amendments or lose your distribution rights. We can guide you through the compliance process so you can achieve your goals without jeopardizing your business.